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Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou

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Update on the PWCS

December 29
, 2014
Inventor Victor Agbegnenou was on Al-Jazeera to present the RETICE program that is based on the PWCS program. Watch here on Youtube

December 7
, 2011
"Matloop" is the name given to the PWCS technology conceived by Victor Agbegnenou. He is currently working on a project in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). The inventor is looking for about 10 million dollars to spread the benefits of his invention to the African continent. No doubt other African countries will soon adopt this technology that has been developed by an African, for Africans.

Indeed, most remote counties or villages in Africa do not always take advantage of the benefits provided by Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). With this invention, connectivity should not longer be a problem for Africans in the years to come.

March, 2011
Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou, a Togolese inventor living in France, has developed a polyvalent technology called PWCS (Polyvalent Wireless Communication System) which allows, from a satellite broadband connection, the simultaneous provisioning of telephony, internet and video (image) services without using any landline cable such as fiber optics.

This invention has come through thanks to the Ka-Technologies laboratory based in Paris and headed by the inventor himself who spent ten years of research to conceive this cutting edge technology.

Dr. Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou is a veterinarian by training and graduated from the Moscow Academy and the Ecole Supérieure de Maisons-Alfort in France. He already holds four patents in the medical field, in addition to his latest patent in the telecoms field.

PWCS is a major technological breakthrough that could completely revolutionize the telecommunications industry by promoting, for example, a greater penetration of information technology in underdeveloped countries from African that would no longer need to invest in costly landline infrastructures. The importance of this technology is such that the Swiss and Americans are already offering millions of dollars to buy the patent from Dr. Agbegnenou. Some experts estimate that the technology is 30 years ahead of the existing ones.

Victor Agbegnenou's invention was filed on October 11, 2002 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the International Application number PCT/FR02/003458. The application was then published on April 14, 2003 under the International Publication number WO 03/034668 A1. Thus, the invention is protected in more than 125 WIPO member states.

If Dr. Agbegnenou could find the necessary financial means to mass produce his technology so as to commercialize it, especially in Africa, there are some who, despite the universality of intelligence that they do not want to admit, would be obliged to recognize the African genius.

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