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Steeve Burkhalter Samba

African Inventors

January 29, 2015
From Congo-Brazzaville, Steeve Burkhalter designed the interior of the Mercedes S-Class coupe concept car. He graduated from the Créapôle School in Design Transport and Mobility in 2010 and is now interior designer at Mercedes.

His research project, which has now materialized inside the concept car of the Mercedes S-Class coupe, was as follows:

Thanks to his talent, the Mercedes Company that is known for its rigor has not hesitated to take advantage of the African designer's skills. The design of Steeve Burkhalter was selected largely for the refinement of the dashboard and door panels. Their collaboration resulted in the following:

If the interior of this concept car, which could be marketed in a few years, is very sleek and elegant, one cannot say the opposite of the outside shape of the vehicle, too. It is, therefore, a sleek and refined indoor/outdoor marriage that can be partly associated to the African creative genius.

Images: Creapôle and La Revue Automobile

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