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Souleymane Atta Diouf

African Inventors

October 16, 2013

The major invention of Souleymane Atta Diouf, a Senegalese citizen, is a solar power array or photovoltaic generator for trains, boats and like uses. He filed a patent application on January 23, 2001 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the International Application Number: PCT/FR01/00207. The application was then published on August 1, 2002 under the International Publication Number WO 02/058956 A2. Eleven (11) years later, it appears that Souleymane Atta Diouf is still not supported politically and financially.

The solar train proposed by Souleymane Atta Diouf is an electric drive vehicle capped with solar panels (photovoltaic) on each wagon, as well as a storage system for the captured energy. The train can then run day and night thanks to the removal, for electric trains, of catenaries and the surrounding electric equipment (high voltage lines along the way). As for the boat, it is also powered by electricity and equipped with solar panels.

The photovoltaic generator, fixed up on a train or a boat, feeds an electric engine and can produce high voltages that can then be stored thanks to batteries.

As one can see, there are ideas, in Africa, for simple and complex works on solar energy. What is really missing, however, is a rigorous and uninhibited industrial policy. Yet, the inventor's patent will one day fall into the public domain. At this time, it will be too late and other nations will be able materialize it.

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