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Pierre Djibril Coulibaly

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Update on NexPro UBS

October 4, 2013
Pierre Djibril Coulibaly was rewarded with the International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) Prize when he received in Geneva, on 29 September 2013, the "Convention" Prize in the Gold category for UBS NexPro, the software that he designed. This inventor is making Côte d'Ivoire proud, as well as Africa in general.

July 25, 2013

Pierre Djibril Coulibaly, from Côte d'Ivoire, is a computer engineer who has designed a Universal Business Software called NexPro UBS. He created his own company in 2003, NEXAT Informatique, after working 20 years for the SIR (Ivorian Refining Company) as Head of Computer Studies. He is also a founding member and vice president of the Federation of Inventors of Côte d'Ivoire.

After several years of research, Pierre Djibril Coulibaly introduced in 2010 a request to the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) to obtain a patent on the "Process of designing computer universal business software ". The patent was issued in 2011 under No. 15165 of March 30, 2010.

NexPro UBS can be thought as an "All-In-One" software. It provides its user with the ability to manage several functions within his company (Stocks, HRM, budget, archives, billing, mailing, etc.). NexPro UBS can also be used as a software "By Default." Thus, a company or an administration can make NexPro UBS available to its various departments in which each user can access functions (Stocks, HRM, budget, archives, billing, mailing, etc.) he is responsible for or manages. Or else, NexPro UBS can be applied as a "Multi-Purpose" software. In this case, a company or administration can use NexPro UBS to manage its various activities, with multiple users working together or not.

In 2012, an official presentation ceremony of this invention was held in Abidjan during which Pierre Djibril Coulibaly was elevated to the rank of "Knight of the National Order of Côte d'Ivoire". In 2013, during the International Innovation Exhibition (CINC 2013), held in Benin, he was awarded the prize of the best innovation of the tertiary sector.

To find out more: www.nexproubs.com
Image: Nexat Informatique

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