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Nigerian Air Force (NAF)

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February 3, 2015
Young Officers from the Nigerian Air Force School of Engineers have designed and manufactured an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), most commonly referred to as drone, which could fly non-stop for about four (4) hours at 3000 feet. The nickname of this made-in-Nigeria drone is Gulma.

It took these young Nigerians three (3) years of hard work to complete the drone, thanks to funding from the Federal Government and their collaboration with Cranfield University of the United-Kingdom. Gulma was unveiled to the general public in December 2013.

This drone is not perfect and must be improved as its engine is still very noisy in the air, for instance. Indeed, a drone must be silent to reach its targets almost unnoticed. Also, it is yet unclear whether this drone was equipped with a weapon system that could destroy enemy targets. This is why NAF engineers should make the drone bigger, improve its range and make it fly at altitudes above 3 000 feet. However, it is very encouraging, at this stage, to have manufactured such a drone locally. Let's hope the Federal Government will improve Gulma to make it fully operational.

Watch the video of this drone (Gulma)

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