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Moses Kizza Musaazi

African Inventors

November, 2009
Moses Kizza Musaazi is a Ugandan inventor who received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, University of London. He served as Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Technology at the Makerere University in Uganda. He is the founder and Managing Director of Technology for Tomorrow (T4T), a think tank on technological innovation. Dr. Musaazi's inventions are in the following areas: drinking water, sustainable building, solid waste disposal, girl-child education and sanitation, etc.

The MakaPads (sanitary towels or pads) are one of his inventions made from papyrus. Papyrus has a component that absorbs the blood. Papyrus is first cut, then softened and dried in the sun. Papyrus is then mixed with paper (crushed into small pieces) and water. This mixture is then dried in the sun and becomes the basic element of the MakaPads. The Absorbent towels are then smoothed, softened and wrapped in polythene sheets.

After testing the level of absorption, the pads are exposed to Ultra Violet (UV) sterilization, and then packed in aesthetically designed packages containing 10 pads or sanitary towels. Most of the equipment used in the process were designed and manufactured by the Faculty of Technology at Makerere University.

Imported sanitary towels cost around $1 (2
,200 shillings), while those manufactured with Dr. Musaazi's process cost $0.3 (650 shillings). In other words, imported towels are 3.4 times more expensive than those locally produced in Uganda. Approximately 8 million women and girls in Uganda could possibly take advantage of this made in Africa invention. However, the quantities currently produced are still insufficient. The mass or industrial production of these pads is certainly a solution that would help provide them to most Ugandan women and girls, and consider their exportation to other African countries.

Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi has also designed incinerators to treat non-biodegradable waste. The peculiarity of these incinerators is that they are mobile and can be dismantled in a few minutes and moved to other places. They reach their maximum temperature (about 850 °C) after 17 minutes. They can also be fitted with a heat exchange system that produces water and steam (110 °C) for sterilization. Over 90 incinerators have already been produced and installed throughout Uganda, particularly in hospitals, clinics, homes, schools, etc.). The mass production of incinerators on a larger scale is therefore possible on the continent and Dr. Musaazi is proving it with his achievements and his genius.

Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi has received several awards for his numerous inventions including the Presidential Support to Scientists ($350,000), the Makerere University Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence & Innovation ($20,000), etc.

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