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Kelvin Doe

African Inventors

January 19, 2015

Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone, born in 1996, is a self-taught engineer who built his own generator and radio transmitter (radio station) when he was 13 years old. 3 years later, he built a dry cell battery that generated enough power for his radio station. The battery was made of acid, soda and metal parts that he got from trash bins. Thanks to the radio station that he sat up, he was also able to broadcast news and music within his community.

Kelvin Doe was one of the finalists of the Global Minimum's Innovate Salone 2012 which is the inaugural high school innovation challenge in Sierra Leone. He was then selected to travel to the USA in 2012 where he was actually invited to speak at the "Meet the Young Makers" panel at the World Maker Faire 2012 in New York.

This young prodigy officially became the youngest ever "visiting practitioner" with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) International Development Initiative. At MIT, he presented his inventions to students in two D-Lab classes, engaged with community members at MIT, and participated in hands-on research at the MIT Media Lab. He has also lectured to undergraduate engineering students at Harvard College.

Thanks to his genius, he signed a $100,000 solar project pact with Canadian High Speed Service Provider Sierra WiFi in May 2013.

To find out more : Wikipedia, Chocolatecity.cc and Africayoungvoices.com
Image: Paula Aguilera/MIT Media Lab

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