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Jules Logou

African Inventors

May 19, 2014

Jules Logou is an electronics engineer, researcher and inventor from Togo who has designed and built the Foufoumix. It is a mixer or blender made in Togo that eases the cooking of a popular African food: fufu. This invention is innovating because fufu preparation is rather painful, especially for African women to whom this chore is usually reserved.

After several years of research, Jules Logou realizes that it is not always necessary to pound the tubers before getting this sticky dough so appreciated by Africans. All that needs to be done is to mix them long enough. This is the birth of the Foufoumix, a patented machine since 2000, consisting of two small paddles mounted on a rotating axis that mixes the pieces of yam until smooth dough is obtained. There are two versions of this machine: one of 0.75 kW that costs about 457 euros and the other of 1.1 kW that costs about 534 euros.

With the Foufoumix, cooking fufu takes only 8-10 minutes under optimal hygienic conditions. A few steps are required for the preparation. First, cooked pieces of yam must be put in the Foufoumix. Then, one starts up the blender (mixer) and adds water to fufu proportionately. Fufu is finally ready to be consumed.

The "handicraft" production of the mixer is too slow and no longer adapted to meet a growing demand. It could also explain the high cost of the device. Indeed, how many African households can actually put 457 euros to buy a kitchen accessory? This is why its industrial or semi-industrial production could help lower production costs, among others. But lack of financial support and apparent attempts to counterfeit the Foufoumix could undermine the efforts of this inventor.

Besides the Foufoumix, Jules Logou has developed other inventions including, but not limited to a burning mobile Water Closet, as well as a climbing platform which allows working more easily, even in a sitting position, on an electric pole or else.

To find out more: http://www.foufoumix.net/
Images: Foufoumix.net

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