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Gabriel Nderitu

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Gabriel Nderitu is a Kenyan inventor and researcher who has manufactured about 11 aircraft. On October 2, 2013 he tried to fly one of his remote-controlled aircraft, as well as a manually controlled one. Unfortunately, once again, none of the planes took off.

Regarding the remote-controlled aircraft, the positive side of the test is that the plane did accelerate. In other words, from the remote control, the inventor did give speed to the plane which then crashed on two poles before take-off. In 2012, another remote-controlled aircraft did actually take off but crashed on a tree. This is because Gabriel Nderitu has difficulties finding a good field to fly his planes, among other more technical reasons. As of the manually controlled plane, it did not even accelerate on October 2, 2013.

If we look carefully at the remote-controlled plane, we can realize that the inventor worked on what is termed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). If he could get support to work on more sophisticated planes and increase the range of the remote control, he would simply build a sort of drone with military and civilian applications.

Africa's industrialization implies that Africans manufacture local products instead of importing foreign ones. If planes are manufactured in Kenya, lots of jobs would be created in the aeronautical industry, for instance. But it seems that such projects are far beyond the priorities of most African leaders.

Image: Samuel Karanja

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