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Chris Nsamba

African Inventors

May 27, 2014

Chris Nsamba is an inventor and researcher from Uganda who is manufacturing a micro-satellite weighing 4.8 kg that he is planning to send to space. It is equipped with cameras and solar panels, for the moment, and should be able to send live pictures to earth.

He is also known for being the founder of the African Space Research Program (ASRP) that has received support from the Ugandan president and the Ugandan parliament. ASRP embarked in 2011 in the manufacture of a spacecraft. Despite help from the Ugandan government and a thousand generous contributors, these projects lack funds to materialize.

Chris and his team have also developed a small drone that could lead to the production of larger Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in the future if they get the necessary financial support. This small drone has flight time of about 7 hours. It is equipped with cameras, autopilot system, GPS instruments and much more.

Last, but not least, the African Space Research Program has developed what looks like anti-gravity technology. This technology would be used to develop spaceships going at speeds faster than 4,000 km/h under earth's atmosphere. Thus, this prototype and technology could help develop larger Manned Aerial Vehicles (MAV) for space travels. Footage of the prototype was disclosed on YouTube.

Remarks from the Kumatoo Editorial Committee

Presenting Chris Nsamba's works and concepts is part of our goals as we believe that all interesting projects must be released to the general public in hope to catch the attention of those who can help inventors, especially financially. Futuristic projects developed by Africans have as much value as those developed by other nationalities, even if most of them remain at the conceptual level due to lack of funds.

Thus, the main problem faced by African inventors / researchers is lack of financial support. We have no evidence that Chris Nsamba's works can materialize. Yet, his works herald a new era of African ingenuity which is unfolding and he should be encouraged.

To find out more: African Space Research Program
Images and footage: African Space Research Program

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