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African Inventors

A great deal of Africans regularly design and manufacture simple or complex equipment with local materials or scrap. However, they do not always have a space where they can express themselves and exhibit their inventions. This virtual space provided by Kumatoo brings together these inventors to give greater visibility to their creations.

Most of them do not necessarily reinvent the wheel of industrial history, but show that their contribution should be taken into account in the industrialization process of the African continent. Graduates or self-taught, these men and women of exception have already built helicopters, cars, space rockets, boats, lawn mowers, etc.. These inventions are almost always self-financed, and it is a constant across the continent.

The list of inventors and their inventions will be updated as we receive information on other inventors so that Africans and the world can see what they are capable of.

The industrial revolution in Africa, which is still in its embryonic stage, will be greatly facilitated if Africans lose their inferiority complex vis-à-vis the rest of the world, begin to believe in themselves and consume made in Africa capital goods. In fact, the vast majority of African inventors design and manufacture equipment to assist in limiting imports. They believe that Africa can become independent in several industrial areas; an ideal that we share within Kumatoo.



Inventions / Projects

Cyprian Emeka Uzoh

Method of Making Electroplated Interconnection Structures

Kunle Olukotun

Multi-core Processors

Solomon Assefa

Photodetector (Nanophotonics)

Sandile Ngcobo

Digital Laser

Arthur Zang

Touchpad for Medical Use

Verone Mankou

Touchpad (Tablet), Smartphone

Tony Smith

Touchpad (Tablet), Smartphone

Saheed Adepoju

Touchpad (Tablet)

Didier Yapi

DVD/CD Anti-copy Software
4D Incorporated Keyboard
Smart Mouse

Pr. Souleymane Mboup

HIV-2 Virus

Moctar Dembele and
Gerard Niyondiko

Anti-Malaria Soap

Dr. Oviemo Ovadje

Blood Auto-transfusion

Yemi Adesokan

Pathogen Detection System

Pr. Tebello Nyokong

Cancer Treatment

Ludwick Marishane

Dry Bath Gel

Bertin Nahum

Surgery Robot

Thérèse Izay Kirongozi

Humanoid Robot
(Traffic Regulation)

Sam Kodo

Humanoid Robot

David Sengeh

High Tech Prostheses

Afate Gnikou

3D Printer

Francis Lusadisu

Gasoline Miniature Car

Serge Kabengele

Miniature Electric Train Head

Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou

Polyvalent Wireless Communication System

Pape Gorgui Toure

Telecommunications Network Simulator

Pierre Djibril Coulibaly

Universal Business Software

Severin Kezeu

Anti-collision System

Ishmael Msiza

Electronic Fingerprint System

Tobias Lugoloobi

Gravity Control

Jean-Patrice Keka

Space Rockets

Serigne Mactar BA

Ballistic Rockets

Shehu Saleh Balami

Solid-fuel Rocket

Nigerian Air Force (NAF)

Military Drone

Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi


Gabriel Nderitu


Mathurin Oboukangongo

Helicopter, Boat, Car

Chris Nsamba

Satellite, Drone, Spacecraft, UFO-like Flying Object

J-E. Foumbi and A. Chokote

Flapping Wing Aircraft

Victor and Johnson Obasa

Armored Vehicle

Kwadwo Safo


Ugandan Students

Electric Car

Ezekiel Izuogu


Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga

Hybrid Car (hydrogen)

Steeve Burkhalter Samba

Car Interior Designer of the
Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Joel Nwakaire

Bio-diesel Production Unit

Alain Brice Niama

Renewable Oil

Kelvin Macharia


Simon Mwaura

Multipurpose Mobile
Remote Control

Peterson Mwangi

Car Controlled by a Mobile Phone

Morris Mbetsa

Automobile Anti-theft

Asidu Abudu

Automobile Anti-theft, Eating machine...

Jules Logou

Tubers Mixer

Hervé Guéa

Gourd Seeds Husking Machine

Sanoussi Diakite

Fonio Husking Machine

Serge Anderson Tatsa

Food Multifunctional Grinder

Sulaiman Famro

Processing Plant for Root Crops

Pr. Gebisa Ejeta

Drought Resistant Sorghum

Guy Nankamp

Seeders and Railway Safety System

Abdoulaye Toure

Solar Oven

Seyoum Goitom

Lawn Mower, Solar Oven…

Ibrahima Gueye

Egg Incubators

Albert Kamdjie Fozo

Egg Incubators

Anastase Tabaro

Mini-Hydroelectric Dam

Charles Mubanga Mumba

Mini-Hydroelectric Dam

Djerassem Le Bemadjiel

System and Method for the Autonomous Production of Fluid and Electricity

Amadou Dembele

Power Barge

Colbert Tchakounte

TV set Lightning Protector

Jean-Paul Nyoma

Energy Accumulator

Brou Koffi

Electronic Outlet Protector

Kelvin Doe

Generator and Radio Transmitter

Patrice Tognifodé

Pluvial-Electric Power Plant

Tsengue Tsengue

Tidal Turbine, Solar Dryer...

William Kamkwamba

Electric Windmill

Justus Nwaoga

Weed Electric Properties

Souleymane Atta Diouf

Solar power array for trains, boats and like uses

Norbert Okec

Solar Powered Traffic Lights

Edgar Hardy

Solar Lamp

Cyrille Bomba

Solar Lamp

Moses Kizza Musaazi

Pads (papyrus), Incinerator...

Philippe Yoda

Plastic Recycling

Nolence Mwangwego

Writing System

Wabeladio Payi

Writing System

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